I'm Curtez Riggs

Soldier and Digital Entrepreneur

  • Sex Male
  • Age 27 + 10
  • Height 69 Inches
  • E-mail me (at) curtezriggs.com
  • Phone 810-210-0189
  • Favorite Super Hero Night Crawler
  • Best Friend I'm a loner
  • Childhood Fears Zombies (watched Night of the Living Dead at age 5)

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The Story of Curtez Riggs…

I’m a Soldier and Digital Entrepreneur who, for the last nine years, has been dividing my time between serving within the ranks of the US Army and developing niche blogs and websites or should I say flipping niche blogs and websites?

By day, I’m a Regional Executive Manager with over nineteen years of progressive Leadership experience in Talent Acquisition, Recruiting/Retention, and Human Resource Management, with an emphasis on Lean Thinking.

The Army has taught me to lead and direct high performing geographically dispersed teams and independent thinkers, while simultaneously accomplishing measurable performance metrics.

I’m the owner of the Military Guide, Yuuut, and several other high traffic sites; an innovator and digital entrepreneur, helping Veterans establish online brands…

Professional Skills

WordPress 90%
HTML & CSS 89%
JavaScript 52%
PHP & MySQL 60%
Lean Thinking 61%
Process Improvement 97%
Song & Dance 1%

Work Experience

2015 - Present

Company First Sergeant

Houston North Recruiting Company

Director of Talent Acquisition for a high performing Company, 44 employees, and 5 Recruiting Offices strategically positioned across Houston Metro footprint. Leads teams of recruiting professionals to acquire a diverse candidate applicant pool within all segmentation's of the market. Develops and executes long-term talent acquisition and management strategies in order to exceed targeted recruitment goals.

2010 - 2014


Inbound & Interactive

I founded Inbound & Interactive because I sensed small businesses were missing out on a new marketing methodology, that would reduce costs and bring targeted customers to their businesses.

Inbound & Interactive Marketing provided a comprehensive range of marketing solutions that helped companies reach their marketing goals.


Master Trainer

5th Recruiting Brigade

As a Master Recruiter Trainer, I managed Training & Development across 14 States and 348 geographically dispersed offices. I also oversaw the qualification and enlistment process for over 17,000 new recruits each year.

Additionally, I coordinated and instructed during training conferences and seminars for over 2100 employees and I was recognized as a “subject matter expert” on all tasks relating to recruiting.

2011 - 2012

Marketing Chair

Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce

Served as the Marketing Committee Chair, for the Greater Baltimore Black Chamber of Commerce


Recruiting Office Manager

Company Name

Served as a Center Leader in Detroit, Cincinnati, D.C. and Baltimore. Directly responsible for leading small teams to accomplish the recruiting mission for the US Army



Full Stack Developer


2014 - Present

MS Digital Marketing & Advertising

Liberty University


Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

US Army Medical Center

2012 - 2014

BS Human Resources

Columbia Southern


Master Resilience - Facilitator

University of Pennsylvania


Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Villanova University


Inbound Marketing Educator

Hubspot University

2002 - 2003

AA Liberal Arts

Central Texas College

Things I Enjoy

  • Bicycling
  • Movies
  • Skating
  • Shopping
  • Bowling
  • Swimming

Keep In Touch

Feel free to reach out

  • E-mail me@curtezriggs.com
  • Phone +1-810-210-0189
  • Address 1615 Sawdust Rd, #13139 Woodlands, TX 77380